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Below are all required steps helping you to restore the database in case your wordpress slow – – site is hacked. How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress? If you are not familiar, all your WordPress plugins are stored in the directory /wp-content/plugins/. I contacted my host then they are saying its 300ms. What to do ?

In case you possess a team functioning over a same site, then WP moreover facilitates you to handle your team by providing many account support. If you’ve ever used any type of WordPress theme program, then you’ll notice how many people love to socialize, entertain themselves, discuss the topic at hand, and subscribe to your RSS feed so they can stay in touch.

  • 2 Adding custom permalinks
  • Click the ‘Insert into Post’ button
  • Displays flags
  • MySQL user’s name and password
  • Free Plugins 45,000+
  • SEO Wizard

So go ahead and enroll today and let’s make a WordPress Website… Go back to your wp-config file to make sure that everything there is correct (re-scan for typos). Not only will you learn to create a website, step by step but I have also included a link to another video of mine which will show you how to make a logo for free! Fix: You need to activate javascript and css concatenation (and potentially minification – although that will only bring marginal improvement). So now you say, “What does it all have to do with me and my online business?” There are several benefits to keep your content on these sites so people can run across it at any given time, and it will reach a bigger audience.

This second generation of the Internet has added complexity and usability to many activities that people now perform every day on the web and has greatly increased the scope of what is available. This remarkable event has expanded so quickly, we now have an unlimited ability to share thoughts, ideas, and promote products. Lots of themes allow you to enable archive page content in their settings – or simply have it built in by default. Ascend has lots of features you think would only be found in a premium theme, and that’s why we love it.

The theme’s magazine-style design features a variety of ways to display photographs, videos, and written content. Clearly, few would argue that new and exciting content is constantly being sought out by our favorite search engines. In this way, you receive not just your own visitors from the feeds, but additional organic visitors from the search engines. Content that is regularly brought up to date will be frequently indexed by search engines. Comments left by visitors to your site count as new content that didn’t take any time or effort on your part to create.

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