WORK SHOP : “AUTOCAD-Electrical”

Topic: “AUTOCAD-Electrical”                                                                      Date: 05.09.2019

Venue: B-Block Research and development lab                        Target Audience: EEE Students

Resource person: Er.Jayakumar, Livewire -Trichy

Objective of Program:

  • To enhance the knowledge of students in AutoCAD and E-cad
  • To create and modify both electrical diagrams and layouts.
  • To generate Schematic report and Panel Report

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to ECAD
  • Basic Schematic Circuit Drawing.
  • AUTOCAD TO ECAD conversion
  • Report Generation


  • Students can able to use AUTOCAD software.
  • Ability to draw the electrical circuits with various components into the layout.
  • Ability to generate reports for the Circuits.

PO & PSO Mapping:



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