WORK SHOP : “Arduino”

Topic: “Arduino”                                                                          Date: 29.08.2019 & 30.08.2019

Venue: B-Block Research and development lab                        Target Audience: EEE

Resource person: Mr.E.Prathap, Senior Programmer, Pantech Proed Private Limited, Trichy

Objective of Program:

  • To gain more knowledge in AURDINO technology.
  • To increase student’s thinking ability by produce new invention.
  • To expose the student in emerging technologies in the area of embedded system.

Topics Covered:

  • Arduino Introduction
  • Interfacing of Keyboard, LED & Relay.
  • Interfacing of GSM, GPS, RFID
  • Interfacing With DC Motor, MEMS


  • Students can able to program as well as to work in physical programmable circuit board.
  • Students can able to indulge their knowledge in cross curriculum studies using AURDINO.
  • Students can develop projects using AURDINO.

PO & PSO Mapping:


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