GUEST LECTURE : “Real time implementation of FACTS controllers and its difficulties”

Topic: “Real time implementation of FACTS controllers and its difficulties”    Date: 20.08.2019

Venue: B-Block seminar Hall                                                Target Audience: IV Year EEE

Resource person: Dr.R.Gandhiraja,  Assistant Professor/EEE Dept., BIT Campus, Anna University,Trichy

Objective of Program:

  • To introduce the reactive power control techniques.
  • To educate on static VAR compensators and their applications. ..
  • To educate on STATCOM devices.
  • To provide knowledge on FACTS

Topics Covered:

  • Types of various FACTS devices
  • Static VAR compensator and
  • Concept of co-ordination of various FACTS controllers. 


  • Ability to understand the  concept of reactive power control techniques
  • Ability to explain the operation of various controllers and its application
  • Ability to Understand the concept of facts co-ordination

PO & PSO Mapping:


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