GUEST LECTURE on” Fiber Optics-Challenges, Applications and Future Prospects”

Topic: “Fiber Optics-Challenges, Applications and Future Prospects”         Date: 23.09.2019(AN)

Venue: B-Block seminar Hall                                                          Target Audience: IV year ECE

Resource person: Dr. S.K. Pandiyan, Senior Assistant Professor,Electronics & Communication Engineering, SASTRA Deemed to be University,Thanjavur

Objective of Program: To make the student understand the fiber optic theory and operation, including past, present and future applications as well as its advantages and disadvantages thereby to bring them insight into the broad and diversified applications of fiber optic technology

Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to optical fibers
  2. Signal degradation in optical fibers
  3. Optical Fiber Modes and Configurations
  4. Link power budget -rise  time budget
  5. Fiber optic theory emerging trends and future applications


CO1: Demonstrate an understanding of optical fiber communication link, structure, propagation and transmission properties of an optical fiber.

CO2: To know about the signal degradation happening in an optical fiber.

CO3: Design a fiber optic link based on link power budgets 

PO & PSO Mapping:


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