Terms & Conditions


  • I am aware that I should produce the college ID Card and  bus pass on demand.
  • I know that I should not indulge in any sort of misbehavior or use harsh words while travelling in the bus with the co students.
  • I am aware that damaging the bus parts, scribbling   in the seats are liable for fine.
  • I know that I should not lend my pass to others, not to travel in other route which is not allotted for me.
  • I am aware if I lose the bus pass, I need to obtain a replacement pass against  a fine of Rs.100/-
  • I am aware that due to the poor strength, the college bus routes are limited at the time of the university/board examinations.
  • In case of college bus  not comes in right time for any peculiar reasons, I agree that I will board in private bus on my own cost  to attend the college on time.
  • I am aware that, once the bus pass is registered it is payable account.  In case of  not willing to travel,  the registration has to be cancelled with Transport Officer. Failing which will be liable for fine.